Problems With SuiteCRM On iPad

I having problems using SuiteCRM on the ipad. Modules do not want to populate. We get a communication error at times. Emails are another problem. Most of the time, they just do not want to open. We’re using the latest version of Suite and have the latest IOS. I have tried several different web browsers, but with the same effect. Would changing the theme make a difference? Our entire sales force uses iPad and everyone is frustrated. If anyone has battled through the same issues on the iPad, please let me know if you have come up with any solutions or work arounds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Harold,

SuiteCRM is built on SugarCRM CE 6.5.x and does not come with a responsive or scalable UI. This is something we aim to address. Changing theme may help but you would need to ensure the theme you change to will also be responsive and work on varying devices and resolutions.



Thank you for the insight. This is a crucial issue for us. We have also tried 8 or 9 other browsers. Some work much better than others, but they all seem to have Communication Error that will pop up from time to time. We have 100 or so people in our offices that are using it on lap tops and PC’s with no problems, but the sales force all have iPads. Thanks again for the information.