Problems with speed / 10-15 minutes to load a page

Hi I like the soft so much. It worked smooth for first 2 months. from today morning it takes 10-15 minutes to load each page. no idea why. we checked logs, did quick repair, contacted hosting people (everything fine on their side). are there any updates forced by the system? we did absolutley nothing apart from ordinary activity, have 20k contacts, 4k accounts. nothing changed from yesterday - yet it does not work. will appreciate advice very much:)

Is it for specific module or action? Can you enable Log slow queries?

  1. check suitecrm.log maybe something is missing there.
  2. is there any new workflow or logic hook that you have created that might take time.
  3. Also, check apache log.

Let me just add

  1. Run the first query in this post to look for overgrown tables

thanks for advice. does not seem there is something too big…? (sorry for the format - cannot download picture due to site error in chrome)

CONCAT(table_schema, ‘.’, table_name) rows DATA idx total_size idxfrac
XXX.contacts 0.017M 0.014G 0.013G 0.027G 0.919
XXX.aod_indexevent 0.037M 0.013G 0.009G 0.022G 0.668
XXX.sugarfeed 0.025M 0.014G 0.002G 0.017G 0.173
XXX.email_addr_bean_rel 0.021M 0.006G 0.006G 0.012G 1.020
XXX.accounts_contacts 0.017M 0.003G 0.007G 0.010G 2.004
XXX.email_addresses 0.018M 0.003G 0.005G 0.008G 1.458
XXX.accounts 0.006M 0.002G 0.004G 0.006G 1.578
XXX.oc_filecache 0.006M 0.003G 0.003G 0.006G 0.741
XXX.users_last_import 0.001M 0.003G 0.000G 0.003G 0.031
XXX.contacts_audit 0.005M 0.001G 0.001G 0.003G 1.000
XXX.contacts_cstm 0.018M 0.002G 0.000G 0.002G 0.000
XXX.accounts_cstm 0.007M 0.001G 0.000G 0.001G 0.000
XXX.accounts_opportunities 0.002M 0.000G 0.001G 0.001G 1.889
XXX.acl_roles_actions 0.001M 0.000G 0.000G 0.001G 1.875
XXX.tracker 0.001M 0.000G 0.000G 0.001G 1.467

Hi thanks for advice. unfortunatelly no clues here:/ some failed attempt to login, failed attempt to configure email. some failed attempts to connect to database as below. on server also not much help. did nothing except trying to configure email when the system started behaving this way - no new logic, nothing… have also owncloud for sharing files on the same server but that one is working fine.

Wed Jul 4 13:21:10 2018 [9326][1][FATAL] Query Failed: select * from versions: MySQL error 1146: Table ‘XXX.versions’ doesn’t exist
do you have any suggestions? send logs maybe?

Urdhvatech I enabled log slow queries - not sure how it will help. every single page loads a lot of time. also if I open administratio or such.

every page I open I wait but there is no log for this. everytime i search for smth in the database I am shown complete sql in the log because it takes a lot of time as everything else.

maybe you have any other ideas? will appreciate very much.

There are many possible causes for long delays, ranging from a faulty disk which is about to die, to DNS problems causing network lags.

One way of troubleshooting this is to raise your suitecrm.log level to Debug (in Admin / System settings) and then running a separate SSH window with this command:

tail -f suitecrm.log

Here you will see the additions to the log as they happen. So you can load a screen, and hundreds of lines will be quickly added, but then it probably halts for a few seconds. Mark that spot by hitting enter a bunch of times. Then after the screen finishes loading, you can grab the entire output from the SSH window, and examine the logs and see exactly what SuiteCRM was doing when it got delayed.

Topic closed. disabling cache helped. thank everyone for help:)