Problems with Schedules Reports

Dear forum.

I have just deployed the most recent stable version of SuiteCRM (7.6.4). I have problems with the “scheduled report” functionality. Whenever I try to create a new new report, php code is displayed. I attached a screenshot that illustrates the problem. I was wondering whether this could be related to the bug desribed in .

Could you give me a hint regarding the cause of this issue. Thanks a lot for your help and kind regards,

Shouldn’t be related to that bug.

This looks like a general issue with set up.

Have you checked your CRM permissions are correct and have you run a Quick Repair & Rebuild and executed changes(shown at footer of the page after rebuild).



I have the same issue.
Problem regardless of theme selected.
Is there a workaround?
Version 7.6.6


Seems I have the same problem, as described in post

Surely, all the “Rebuild & Repair” are run several times

Permissions are usually not the case with Windows environment, besides all the other pages open correctly.

This might be kind of damaged tpl/js/html/php page in the update.
Could it be?


Hi everybody

For the tenth time tried to solve this problem on my installation - and finally I managed to solve it.
Hope that it can help.
In fact, everything appeared to be quite easy.

Once upon a time I installed a module “SuiteCRM Field Level ACL Plugin” to prevent users from modifying particular fields in forms/tables.

After some tests I made a conclusion that it is not exactly what I needed (or it did tot work stable, whatever), and I deactivated it.

Recently, when opening Configuration of SuiteCRM, I paid attention to a php message error on the page, something about acl_fields (wrong argument supplied to foreach, like this). It appeared for the long time, I never paid attention to it, but this time something struck me - well, the module seems to be deactivated, why is there something with ACL?

So I supposed the module IS NOT completely deactivated (or my bad knowledge of SuiteCRM made me conclude it was switched off).

I decided to unload (uninstall) the module, then to make a fast recovery.

And… the problem FIXED!

Veni, vidi, unloaded, vici! :)))

Hope this can help to anyone with smarty-templates problems or problems with javascript-related errors which cannot be understood with a regular approach, and which are not repeated on other installations.

Check your modules.
They can put a chaos into your installation.

And it would not harm to remember the Law of Conservation of Shit in the Nature:

If you have a barrel of jam, and you put a spoon of shit to the barrel, you will get a barrel of shit.

Keep your barrels safe :))