Problems with Emails in SuiteCRM

My SuiteCRM runs on a shared LINUX server. Did a fresh install and reposted all the accounts and contacts
Email to a contact by click on their email address works ok
reply from the contact arrives in myemails folder, but the contact reports getting a blank message like from an autoresponder. I have no autoresponder.

Campaign emails do not transfer to the queue when I select that option, but test emails do work

Any ideas?

Another issue - SuiteCRM is issuing blank emails with no subject. Sometimes I get them in the group email. Other times, they go out to contacts. Thsi is very embarasing when that contact is a potential customer.

Does anybody read this forum?

I found something at the sugarCRM forum.

In your config.php file on the top level of where your Sugar instance is, change your permissions to the following (around lines 178-182):
array (
‘dir_mode’ => 1517,
‘file_mode’ => 436,
‘user’ => ‘’,
‘group’ => ‘’,

1517 is decimal for 2755 octal. The leading ‘2’ in 2755 just sets your group ID as well (Google ‘sticky bits UNIX permissions’ to learn more about that)
436 is decimal for 664 octal. Try learning more about all that read-write-execute stuff (rwx).

So does this apply to Suite?

Heh heh, it does sometimes seem like we are alone and crying in the dark.

I have not experienced your email problem myself and so can only suggest that you turn the logging levels up to DEBUG and keep an eye on the file sugarcrm.log to see what is happening at the time you get the strange email sent out.



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After many attempts, I finally got the campaign ‘sort of’ working.

You must manually change xml file permissions, each time you create a new campaign. There must be a place where this file is created, but I have not been able to find it thus far. It would be better to create it with the right permissions in the first place, rather than correct the settings after the fact. Such a fix would work better in shared server situations.

Looking at the log, I see many errors. Here is a list of some of them

Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][WARN] Image CampaignLog.gif not found
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][WARN] Image CampaignLog.gif not found
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][WARN] Image CampaignTrackers.gif not found
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][WARN] Image EmailMarketing.gif not found
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][INFO] Query:SELECT category, name, value FROM config WHERE category = ‘MySettings’
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][INFO] Query Execution Time:7.4863433837891E-5
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][INFO] Query:SELECT id FROM outbound_email WHERE type = ‘system’
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][INFO] Query Execution Time:6.6041946411133E-5
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][INFO] Query:SELECT * FROM outbound_email WHERE id = ‘834246ff-205b-fa8d-d2ec-52a920b42418’
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][INFO] Query Execution Time:7.0095062255859E-5
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][WARN] Image CreateAOR_Reports.gif not found
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][WARN] Image AOR_Reports.gif not found
Mon Mar 3 10:37:41 2014 [8018][edb4ac2d-5c75-a5b1-bf01-52be65bffe4a][WARN] Image dashboard.png not found

Please let me know how to remove these errors.

Hi there,

Please ensure your permissions are set to the following recommended values:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data .

sudo chmod -R 755 .

sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

These may differ depending on your OS/setup.

These are warnings in your log, not errors, although the image warnings would suggest issues with permissions.



Does anyone has solved this problem ?

There are few potential customer has reported me the same kind of Blank emails.

This is really embarrassing.

Please suggest.

Hint: Most of these emails are sent from group inbound email accounts, which i set it to create cases.

Yes I too have faced the same problem in the past. This is really embarrassing. I request in case any one in the collaboration can help us out with this problem ??

Seriously mahn, this is too irritating. Even my clients keep on complaining about this. Will really have to find out the way very soon.Can the core development team help us out with this as soon as possible.Literally got tons of complaint regarding this from my client iteratively… :frowning:

What you describe is surely a bug. The app can and should detect when it fails to access a file, because of insufficient permission or ownership, and notify you, log the fatal error, and correct the permission/ownership problem.
You should file a bug report (issue) here, it will surely be fixed.