Problems with emails after upgrade

Just upgraded from 7.11.15 to 7.11.18.

Now I have the following problems when trying to compose emails to send to leads / contacts:

  • I can’t use templates anymore: If I select a template, it will change the message object, but the body remains empty
  • The signatures don’t appear anymore
  • If I try to paste the signature, the logo won’t appear anymore

EDIT: This problem is present when using the view from a lead, a contact or an account, and clicking on an email address (which is what we use all the time, so the email is associated with the correct lead / contact / account).
However, for some reason, if I go directly into EMAIL from the top menu, and write a new email, then all works fine??
But this UI is not useful at all, as we have to search through thousands of names to associate the email with the right lead.

Anyone has been experiencing this and knows how to fix it?


It’s a known issue

Start here and follow the links to some adjacent issues:

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