Problems with email template creation

Hi Forum,

I installed SuiteCRM via a hosting provider which provides this via the softaculous php app installer.
Most functionality works as expected except for 2 things:

Email templates
I cannot create or edit email templates. When I try to open or create a new template I get an almost empty screen.
The screen only shows a label ’ New’ and a plus button, further empty.
I am able to see and use the pre configured email templates, but cannot edit these or create new ones.

Email Inbound Email (Imap)
Configuring inbound email in tne admin page I get the following error message:
‘Inbound Email cannot function without the IMAP c-client libraries enabled/compiled with the PHP module.’
I have submitted a ticket on this issue to the provider about this.

Hope someone recognises these issues and knows how to solve these.
Could it be possible that both issues are connected?


Hi there,

I would advise contacting the guys @ Softaculous.

If they point out that this is an issue related to the code/structure of SuiteCRM, rather than the set up, we can assist in resolving.



Hi Joost, you’re dutch?
I had the same issue which was caused by false syntax in the file: /modules/inboundemail/language/nl_NL.lang on line 98
I removed the double backslashes of \'Van\ and the issue was gone.

Regards, André

i’m facing same issue can u help me solve this??