Problems with date format

Here in our locality it is common to use the “dd / mm / YYYY” instead of “YYYY-mm-dd” as a standard date format, the problem is that if we use it inside our pattern as in the first one mentioned (dd / mm / YYYY) the alerts do not work and in my activity stream all activities appear as “0 seconds ago”. How to convert this?

I don’t know your SuiteCRM version, but I think you might be seeing this bug

Hi, sorry for the lack of information, as I have a habit of interacting in the forum frequently, I forget to insert. I am using version 7.10.6. This correction has already been applied in the version, but when the date format is ‘dd / mm / YYYY’ and it returns ‘0 seconds ago’ the bell alerts do not work, they only return to normal operation when I set the profile to format ‘YYYY-mm-dd’.

I have now made an update to 7.10.7 and the behavior is the same.

looking a bit more at the problem I could see that it is associated with “/” and not with “-”, regardless of the format I use does not work when the format contains a slash.

I see that that issue was reopened (and I don’t know why).

Maybe you can comment there to add this information you discovered.