Problems with $contact_user_link_guid when using workflows to send automated emails to allow user to enter password


I created a number of workflows that do the following:

It uses $contact_user_link_guid (which I found by luck googling somewhere).

If the new User goes to the login screen and selects “Forgot Password”, the system sends an email with the link to change the password and all shows correctly on the email, user can change his password.

However if I select that new User (Admin-User Management) and select “Reset Password”, the system sends the email but instead of showing the value of $contact_user_link_guid , it shows $contact_user_link_guid as the value itself of “$contact_user_link_guid”.

Hard to explain without seeing it.

Somehow the same email template that works when the user does a “Forgot Password”, does not work when either creating a Workflow that automates the sending of that email, or going to Admin-User Management and doing a “Forgot Password”.

To ensure best possible compatibility and operation I created an executable file, named it “update_permissions.bat” with:
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data . && sudo chmod -R 755 . && sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

I ran the ./update_permissions.bat, then do a Admin-Repair-Quick Repair.

Can’t understand why the same email template looses the value of $contact_user_link_guid.

Below a short video loom sharing what it does at the moment:

PS. Using SuiteCRM 7.11.18.

Any help?

Many thanks!

It’s probably just a bug - the code to replace variables is a mess, it’s repeated and different from one place to another, I guess the code for that simply is not there for Workflows and automated emails…