Problems with Cases and Case Updates

I am having a lot of issues with Case Updates on my test server. Today I upgraded to 7.4.

Originally when inline editing was release, I had problems. It is still a problem with this release.
When I made a case update through the inline editing and click save, I only get a box that says Performing Task, One moment please. That box just stays there. When I click on the x to close the box, the update did save, but I have to refresh the page to see the change.

Then, when I try to edit the case and put a case update on that screen, then I click on Save to save the Case (not the case update), The change is not saved at all.

When I save the description on the case, that seems to work; however the formatting is messed up. Here what is in my description.

<p>Testing this out!</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Does this make the change?</p>

The “Performing Task” not disappearing is a known issue, and we’re investigating a fix for future releases.

However, you should be still able to Update a case through the Edit view.
Run a Quick Repair & Rebuild, scroll down, and Execute Any changes that show on the Repair Results screen.
Try to update a case again.

In regards to the HTML showing in Case descriptions, a fix can be found here:

The fix for the unwandet html tags showing in the description window dows not work anymore in 7.4

We just upgraded and some of the html tags reappeared.

I’ve edited custom/modules/Cases/detailviewdefs.php to include the mentioned line and this worked until 7.3.1 but now there are lots of

tags showing.

Does anybody have a clue why we have TinyMCE Editor and are unable to display the output correctly in the fields? (No I don’t wand to disable TinyMCE, it’s useful!) :dry:


Hello, There are no changes that need to happen because of the quick repair and rebuild. I made sure the permissions are correct before I made the change. I am not able to make any case update through the edit screen on my case.

I do not see anything in my sugarcrm.log that would indicate a problem.

However, in my apache error.log, I have the following entry:

[Tue Nov 10 09:10:41.055824 2015] [:error] [pid 29712] [client] PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of LDAPAuthenticateUser::loadUserOnLogin() should be compatible with SugarAuthenticateUser::loadUserOnLogin($name, $password, $fallback = false, $PARAMS = Array) in /var/www/sugarcrm/modules/Users/authentication/LDAPAuthenticate/LDAPAuthenticateUser.php on line 49, referer:

Is there any other logs I should look at?

I’m really stuck here. I’m not able to upgrade to a new version until I can at lease make a case update.