Problems monitoring Inbound E-Mail folders and importing E-mails

I have configured an inbound E-Mail account and it works correctly if I select INBOX as monitored folder. However, if I select any other monitored folder it doesn’t change anything: The only E-Mail folder for which the content is displayed remains the INBOX folder.

A second problem that I have is with importing E-mails: If I select that an E-mail is related to a Contact, everything is fine. However, if I select that the E-mail is related to an Account I can not find the E-mail any longer.

Any help is highly appreciated.



Did you resolve this? I have same (incorrect) behaviour, i.e. the specified “Monitored” folder is ignored and Suite imports my Inbox instead. (BTW, I’m v7.12.5)

Many thanks in advance for any assistance



Sorry for the late reply. No, I didn’t manage to solve this.


If you guys can try v7.13, this part of the code has been significantly reworked.

After upgrading to v7.13 inbound E-Mail is not working any longer: The test of the connection completes successfully but if I try to select the monitored folders the list is empty. Any suggestions what I should try?


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even i too facing same issue,… i couldn’t able to see the email folders… but i could see the folder with oauth configuration … but when i try for our own mail server it is not loading the files.

I’m having the same issue in this article. No solution so far there either.