Problems in editing Studio Design View (getAttributeNode)

Hi, i have a problem when i try to edit design view from Studio, on all the modules.

I can drag and drop, but when i clic on Save the changes are not saved, returning the view to the original mode. I did not have this problem on development server, so maybe its a problem with server configuration.

I tried from different browsers and the problem continues.

Firefox Console gives this message (also attached):

 Use of getAttributeNode() is deprecated. Use getAttribute() instead.    studio2.js:671:13 

I modify the getAttribute in that file (studio2.js) and the problem dissapear from the console, but it wasn’t solved.

I think my file and folders permissons are well set: i even tried setting all of them in 775.

PHP Version 5.6.24
Server info at:

SuiteCRM Version '7.6.5

I hope someone could help me.

Thanks in advance!