Problems importing from Sugar exported data into Suite and subscription lost


I’m in the process of migrating and “cleaning” inconsistent data in Sugar DB to Suite DB so I exported and the imported from Suite.
I found lot of defects in the importing proces so when some fields are empty the process breaks instead of telling some registers cannot be imported, mostly related with empty time fields but also with empty id fields.

A part from this I found a problema that is hte subscriptions of contacts, leads and targets are not exported (or I don’t now how to export them) so the big issue here is that I should review what campaings are subscribed already each person and do it manually.

Is there anyway so I could also export-import subscriptions? Or I should do it by dumping db related mySQL tables as unique alternative?

Thanks for your help.

What version of Sugar are you migrating from? No there is not a GUI for importing subscriptions. In fact there isn’t a table specifically for subscriptions. Subscriptions are handled by the prospectlists and their associated target/contact/lead/account.

Hello, Samus-aran,

Excuses for no answering your request. I wanted first to discard some issue was corrected in the last versión but I discover great improvements but also great limitation in the export-import.
My Sugar in 6.5.16.
My SuiteCRM is 7.7.9.

I finally could import basic info (Leads, Accounts, Contacts) and started importing Activities, and here comes the great problems: some solved but after somw days of hard work, some I identify are “definition” problems in the export-import processes. I’ll explain:
-Solved problems are related with (I don’t know how but exists) id -not the main id- with NULL values, tabs and other ASCII characters in Text Area fields (like "). In general, the Calls importing process in this version really gives more information regarding incorrected format data so it is easier to identify flaws in huge volem data.
-Not solved problems: the Meetings are unable to import, I thought could be related with Reminders values or Reminders values (as some are in secs in Sugar and “seems” to be imported in minutes). The problem that gives no information just break with a pop-up window with “OK” button seems is related with Module Relation/Type. This makes me dig and I discoverd heavy important flaw in the export process of all Tasks in Sugar when you have them related to i.e. Account and also one Contact. Only the relation with Account (the main relation) is exported. So neither the export and later the import process can link correctly activities with the two objects. Anyway I already did not identify why Meetings import process break when included in the imported fileds the Related Type and Related id. Seems random and debug log do not show any kind of error. Only the queries to DB with some results, other don’t.

So, as now I see, Importing activities, right now, is impossible from Sugar as it exports incorrectly and Suite is not able to import then correctly. That’s sad.

There’s any documentation about DB tables so I could export and import correctly the information of those activities populating correctly the information from Sugar? Is the migrating script the only way to migrate, so keeping inconsistent information from one to other CRM?

Thank you,