Problems at installation | 'session.save_path'

I am trying to install this on a virtual machine using VirtualBox

On my desktop i click:

And it shows me:
PHP Sessions Configuration Error

SuiteCRM relies upon PHP sessions to store important information while connected to this web server. Your PHP installation does not have the Session information correctly configured.

A common misconfiguration is that the ‘session.save_path’ directive is not pointing to a valid directory.

Please correct your PHP configuration in the php.ini file located here below.

Any help will be appreciated !!

You would need to check the value in your ‘php.ini’ file.

This is normally located in /etc/php/apache2 or /etc/php5/apache2



For anyone who may still come across this issue on new installs…

Some step-by-step guides miss one step regarding the configuration of the PHP Session folder permissions.

In such case, confirm there is an existing folder /var/lib/php/session, otherwise, create it. Then, make sure the appropriate web server engine has permissions on it (e.g., nginx):

sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/php/session
sudo chown -R nginx:nginx /var/lib/php/session

For anyone struggling with setting up their project with docker, current PHP version in docker has parsing problem with two newlines after ?> tag. Just make sure your custom files don’t include two newlines after this tag.