Problem with the scheduled reports.

Problem with the scheduled reports :frowning: , I have problems with the module of the scheduled reports, the errors that I see are indefinite indexes:
email to write
in the php file emailRecipients.php
I want to know if someone has had the same problem and how to solve it.

function display_email_lines($focus, $field, $value, $view)
    global $app_list_strings;
    $params = unserialize(base64_decode($value));
    if ($view == 'EditView') {
        $html = '<script src="modules/AOR_Scheduled_Reports/emailRecipients.js"></script>';
        $html .= '<input type="hidden" name="aor_email_type_list" id="aor_email_type_list" value="' . get_select_options_with_id($app_list_strings['aor_email_type_list'], '') . '">
				  <input type="hidden" name="aor_email_to_list" id="aor_email_to_list" value="' . get_select_options_with_id($app_list_strings['aor_email_to_list'], '') . '">';
        $html .= '<button type="button" onclick="add_emailLine()"><img src="' . SugarThemeRegistry::current()->getImageURL('id-ff-add.png') . '"></button>';
        $html .= '<table id="emailLine_table" width="100%"></table>';
        $html .= "<script>";
        if (isset($params['email_target_type'])) {
            foreach ($params['email_target_type'] as $key => $field) {
                if (is_array($params['email'][$key])) {
                    $params['email'][$key] = json_encode($params['email'][$key]);
                $html .= "load_emailline('" . $params['email_to_type'][$key] . "','" . $params['email_target_type'][$key] . "','" . $params['email'][$key] . "');";
        $html .= "</script>";
        return $html;

SuiteCRM: 7.10.5
Sugar version: 6.5.25
Using the IIS Administrator
Operating system: Windows Server 2012 R2
php: 5.6.36

And what is the problem you get? An error, or something wrong on the Report?

Check that you have all these entries

and that you didn’t override them, for example in:


The problem is that the reports do not run and I do not have errors in:
Just a PHP warning: Index not defined: aor_email_to_list and in email_to_type in the following directory: modules \ AOR_Scheduled_Reports \ emailRecipients.php
line 47:

 <input type = "hidden" name = "aor_email_to_list" id = "aor_email_to_list" value = "'. get_select_options_with_id ($ app_list_strings [' aor_email_to_list '],' ')';

and on line 57:

 $ html. = "load_emailline ('". $ params [' email_to_type '] [$ key].' ',' ". $ params ['email_target_type'] [$ key]." ',' ". $ params ['email'] [$ password]. "'); ";

I think it does not run because there is data that is not being traced or that can not be found.

Yes, but did you check the other entries? We know the index is not defined when it gets there, we need to understand why it didn’t get defined…

And do you have a file called custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php or not?

You can also try a few more repairs from Admin repair (anything mentioning Javascript).

And is your browser showing nay javascript error in developer console?

check the browser console and there are no errors, I see that the other entries are fine, what I think is wrong is custom / include / language / en_us.lang.php
We have the SuiteCRM in Spanish custom / include / language / en_ES.lang.php the data is not present.
I will try in Admin to use the repair properties provided by the tool.
question, the file found in custom / include / language /
it is generated alone,
. From already thank you very much.

Is that really


and not

es_ES.lang.php ?