Problem with the Email Folders Margins

Hello, i have a problem with the Emails Folders Margins. When i click the folder that opens a list of folders, it is almost hidden. The top margin is off. Can somebody help me? Otherwise, i cannot see my Sent, Drafts or Archived Emails.

I use Chrome. A screenshot has been attached to this mail .

same on my browsers. One of the topics which drove me crazy until they were solved in 7.9.14. Messages which are hidden behind menus are admins and users driving nuts. I tryed other browsers but this Email messages kept hidden even when you expanded the screen from 50 to 150% view in any browser. Tricky mouse movements did not help either.

I am using 7.10, so it seems that still not solved yet…

that is because the progress up to 7.9.14 is not included in 7.10 I suppose.
I trust suiteCRM developers are working hard to fix it with the expected update to 7.10.1.
I appreciate the work of the developers. This is not an easy path to follow and drawbacks are expected but not welcome.
It´s never easy to develop software. I keep fingers crossed.

So, there is no other way to look at the folders but with the folder button which it gets hidden for us? Then how the users can check drafts, sent or archived emails?

you can only wait for an update of 7.10 or install 7.9.14

Well, i hope they do it soon because i do not want to install everything from 0 as the 7.10 can not be downgrade to 7.9.14 because the DBs are not compatible or something like that.

I just wanted to let you know that today i have installed the upgrade, but so far the problem persists and i and getting tired of not seeing my other folders like sent emails. Anyone here can tell me if there is a way to solve this?