Problem with suitecrm - session expired - strange layout for suitecrm

Hello i’m having some problems with suitecrm.

several times session expired after 1 min logged in.

and when the problems start to happen i have some strange layout for the crm …see the image

he as been working ok until last friday

i have this suitecrm in a shared hosting in OVH. PHP 5.6 …

Someone could help me, what is wrong ? some config file ?

please help me


Check if you ran out of disk space - this sometimes affects the session manager.

Reset your file permissions/ownerships to correct values - broken layouts are usually caused by bits of cached CSS not loading.

Tip: if you go to Admin - Upgrade and run the first step of the wizard you’ll get a report on the state of your permissions. Then you can cancel without running any upgrade.

using your method i obtain this:

File Permissions: All Files Writable

Database Privileges: All Privileges Available

Detected Settings: All System Settings Requirements Satisfied

Are you on a Linux or Windows machine?
If you are on a Linux machine search the forum: there are plenty of post regarding permissions.
I have also posted a small script that sets them correctly for you that you can run from your browser.
Once you have set permissions correctly you should also log in, go to Admin and run Quick Repair and Rebuild. Additionally you may have to rebuild the jascript files as well as .htaccess

I recommend a full back up (db + folders and files) before doing anything