Problem with subpanel navigation

Hello Everyone!

We’re notice that there is a problem with subpanels navigation buttons in SuiteCRM 7.11.12.
In any module you are on, if you try to click ‘Go to end page’ subpanel navigation button the list view will not update.

I’ve also try this functionality in a standard installation of SuiteCRM 7.11.8 and there is the same problem.

Anyone has also encountered this problem ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, welcome to the Community :tada:

This might help you

They suggest a workaround: clearing the list view filter and starting again.

There is also an issue here with a fix, which is already included in the latest SuiteCRM:

The fix is simple, in case you want to try it manually:


thanks for you quickly answer, but you are talking about list view pagination problems and in my SuiteCRM version (7.11.12) this fix is already present.
What I’m talking about is pagination in subpanel list, the “Next”, “Before” button are working but not the “End” button.

Thanks you.

Can you reproduce this in the live demo? (user: will, pass: will)

Do you see any Javascript errors in your browser’s developer console?

if you enter into this account and go to contacts subpanel, I’ve created 21 contacts related to this account and if you click into “End” button of subpanel pagination you see the subpanel list will not update.

There’s no error into my developer console.

Thank you

You’re quite right…

Maybe you can open a new issue on Github with this bug? Thanks.

Thanks pgr, I’ve opened a new issue on Github.

I hope the resolution of this bug will be quickly fixed.

Thank you a lot for the support.

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I’ve submitted a fix for this bug

Thank you very much manasan123,

I appreciated your availability and your speed in solving this issue.

Thank you again.
Have a nice day!.

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I hope both of you read the apology I left on the PR… both of you did a great job, opening the Issue, and fixing it so quickly, I am so sorry that I had you doing useless work, since a fix was already made…

When I read this topic, before my first post, I went searching on GitHub for this, I had a feeling I’d seen it before, but I’m afraid it didn’t turn up with the search terms I used…

I read all topic threads and all Github comments for this project, so it’s a lot and eventually I start forgetting things, sorry.

No problem @pgr, the most important thing is to be able to solve the problem.

Thank you a lot again, have a nice day.

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