Problem with Report After Upgrade to 7.2

Dear All,

I got this problem as attached in this post regarding to Report Module problem when the new 7.2 upgrade installed in our production system. We have done everything we could to do standard repair as admin but still experience the same thing, Said that If the error persist, please have your administrator disable ajax for this module

Anyone care to give solution to this problem if you have similar issue?

I have same problem, also I have failed in CRON run error, when open schedulers I have only white page without anything and so on…

the issue with report was a bug in the installer we have re-issue the installed to address this issue, you can re-apply the update or manully add the file ‘modules/AOR_Reports/aor_utils.php’ to you install

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Hi Admin,

Do you mean that i have to re install the upgrade or any other way? Because i already have the system running with new 7.2

download the re-issued upgrade pack for 7.1 to 7.2 from downloads and re run the upgrade

Thanks, this works just fine. We can use the 7.2 without any issues by now