Problem with pricing in the quote section!

Hi all. I am trying to add a quote to a contact, when i add a product to the quote the price for it comes up as -Nan.Nan
Can someone help explain why this comes up instead of the actual price?

Thanks in advance

Do you see any errors in the Console (Press F12 to open console panel) . There might be some JS errors. If not can you see the Price of this Product in the Products Module?
If you go to Admin -> Locale screen, is Pound Sterling your Default Currency? If Not, please navigate to Admin -> Currencies to Add GBP as a new currency with Conversion rate.

Thanks for replying. It is currently set to the correct currency and the price appears visible and correct when looking at the actual product’s page. Only when creating a quote the price appears as -Nan.Nan. Can also see no errors in the JS :frowning:

Can you check the Permissions of Cache Folder? especially cache/jsLanguage
Make sure its 777 for cache and sub folders

What cherub-chum said about checking permissions - that will probably be it.

I will just add, try a few options from Admin / Repairs:

  • QR & R
  • anything javascript related
  • anything language-related

Would either of you be able to tell me where to check the cache permissions and I’ll have a look? Thanks :slight_smile:

Login to your Server via SSH and navigate to the CRM root directory. Here you can list the files with their Permissions using command.

ls -la 

If you have cPanel access to files and don’t know Shell Commands, you can go to File Manager via cPanel and then Navigate to your CRM Root folder (in most common case inside public_html folder) and check the permissions of Cache and its subfolders.