Problem with Popup (related modue) Error 500 and Long loading

I installed the last version of suitecrm but I got error when I want to select a field from related module. The popup open but it’s really long to load and in most case terminate as an error 500.

The problem happen with modules:

  • Contact: when I want to select an account in relation with the contact
  • Leads: when I want to select a contact to report to
  • Opportunity, when I want to select an account

I made several quick repair, repair relationship…
I cannot find the error even in log.
I tried to change the permissions from cache from 775 to 777

But nothing solved my problem

Any of you got the same problem, any idea how to solve it?

Thx and regards,

Hi there,

Do you have more details on your server/mysql/php versions? How many records are in your CRM? Can you press Ctrl+Shift+K(Firefox)/Ctrl+Shift+J(Chrome) and then refresh the page/click to open the popup to see if you receive any errors in your console log?



Hi Thank you for your answer.
Finally I solved the problem it comes from memcache it was not well configured.
Now all it seems to work.
Best ad thx for your work.

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