Problem with mail queue - MySQL error 1054 - SuiteCRM Version 7.7.8

Dear all,

We are experiencing a problem sending mails from campaigns.

  1. In campaign, we click (with two mail addresses in test list)
  2. - two mails were sent
  3. No test mails received
  4. Go to Email Queue - nothing there

Instead try to send as proper campaign.

  1. Mails to into queue
  2. When pressing nothing happens

Logfile contains:

Tue Apr 25 12:54:15 2017 [8722][xxxxxxx][FATAL] Query Failed: SELECT emailman.* , as campaign_name,

LEFT JOIN email_marketing ON = emailman.marketing_id WHERE (emailman.assigned_user_id = ‘xxxxxx’) AND emailman.deleted=0 ORDER BY emailman.date_entered DESC LIMIT 0,51: MySQL error 1054: Unknown column ‘emailman.assigned_user_id’ in ‘where clause’

Tried [Quick Repair and Rebuild] without luck.

vardefschema.html shows that assigned_user_id is indeed missing. user_id seems to be there in its place:

Table: emailman

Email campaign queue

Column Type Length Required Comment

user_id id 36 no User ID representing assigned-to user

What to do?


I’ve spent the last 15 minutes trying to find the place in the code where that query is formed, but without luck…

Do you have anything else about this in your logs, like a line number? If not, can you please turn them up into “DEBUG” mode and post a larger chunk of the log?

Also exactly what are you doing when this happens? You are in Admin/Email queue, pressing “Send now”?


Anybody found the solution ?

I have the exact same problem. Mails from the target list won’t get placed into the queue.

Everything worked fine this worning and I had over 4K mails in the queue. After those 4K got processed, I launched another campaign but strangely, it failed.

I installed the latest update a couple of days ago.

Were you able to fix it ?

@vincegar72, unless he answers you with a solution, please follow my advice on the previous post and try to provide some more clues to solve this from the logs etc.


Thanks pgr

My MySQL base was completely bloated. The mailman table was crippled with over 55K mail entries that were supposed to be in the queue but were actually blocking everything. I had to repair the base (concatenate this table) to fix it.

As a conclusion, it was not related to SuiteCRM but to my database. I need to upgrade systems.