Problem with layout - blank page

Hi, I have a project installed with the following features:

CRM Suite version 7.3.4
Sugar CRM version 6.5.20

I have a problem that a blank page goes out when trying to run Studio, deploy a new module or update the SuiteCRM version from the Admin panel … and that “something” includes a “rare” line in the file, with a lot of weird characters: custom /modules/Prospects/Ext/Layoutdefs/layoutoffs.ext.php, and that’s what makes the page go blank.

Thanks in advance and greetings

Hi there,

We don’t support 7.3.x officially and we would highly recommend upgrading. We don’t really have knowledge going as far back as 7.3 to decipher what the issue could be without troubleshooting.

The fact that your have a file in custom folder indicates that you have extended the installation. I suggest you remove this file and ‘recreation’ those customisations correctly.

In any case:

  1. check the SuiteCRM and System logs to see if there are any errors
  2. What is the include? The “rare” line (sorry but I don’t undertsnd what you mean!)? The weird characaters? What are they?

I would be very careful under similar situations because certain virus injections have similar symptoms and they may infect other files (probably it isn’t a virus though)

I have managed to update my project until version 7.5.5 of SuiteCRM resolving the bugs, :).

I attach the original file with .bak, and the modified one after an update of SuiteCRM. Look at line 23 of the second file.

Hmmm That is strange.

I would recommend that you remove that line from the source - someway or another there has been a corruption of file somewhere along the years.
If you remove it and then do a repair & rebuild does it come back?

Yes, even if you remove it, for example, update after update from 7.2.1 to 7.6.6, it comes back. At the end of each update one by one from 7.2.X to 7.3.X, 7.3.X to 7.4.X, … in fact, the screen appears blank, without any result log although it seems to end well as it is update the version in the “About” section of the Administrator, and I’m afraid it’s that line …

Ok so we need to find the source of that issue.

I’ve personally had that issue due to a corrupt character in a russian language packs - although I never used russian.

Can you look at the custom/Extension folder and find the source of that new relationship i.e. the files that create it.
I have a feeling that the corrupt line is somewhere in there so that when you rebuild the application rebuilds from custom/Extension and thus keeps rebuilding that issue in.

Perhaps even better to do a grep for : fp_events_prospects_1 and find a similar looking files and remove the top white lines that may conceal the corrupt line.

The solution you mention of doing the “grep” you mean to delete the upper blank lines of all files with this string “fp_events_prospects_1”?.

Thank you

Ok we need to find the source of that issue. Thks very much!