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Problem with custom module views in suitecrm 8

I have encountered unexpected problems in custom module views for Suitecrm 8 freshly downloaded and installed.
I have created a new module in SuiteCRM 8 using the Module Builder. The module, named myfiles, has been installed and works correctly with its specific fields and metadata.
Then I added a view.detail.php file in modules/myfiles/views with the simple code shown below.

Strangely when I went to the detail view page no error message was displayed and no log message was produced.
After many tries I suspected that for custom modules there could be some problem or difference in Suitecrm 8 so I copied the short code above in the view.detail.php of the module Contacts. In this case the error message and the log files were correctly displayed.!!!

I have used extensively custom modules in suitecrm versions up to 7 and never encountered a problem like this.

I did many other tests and at the end I arrived to the conclusion that, for some reason that I don’t know, the files view.detail.php, view.edit.php and view.list.php are executed only for the standard modules of suitecrm and are not executed for custom modules. In particular the function display() function is not executed.

I hope that someone can repeat this simple test and clarify the problem.
Best Regards,

Have you tried using the custom module in legacy mode?