Problem with currency fields


I added to the system in the Opportuiny module via Module Builder the value fields: purchase USD80000, margin USD20000, total 100000USD.
When I complete the fields with the values they save correctly - they display in the reports correctly.
When I edit the sales chance again to add the information all the values of purchase, margin and total change into the value of total and are equal to 100000. I have to correct them manually. Can anyone tell if it’s me making a mistake or is this a CRM problem to solve?

Hi again,

Or can I count on you to tell me if CRM can handle the following scenario:

  • We work on 3 currencies - USD, EUR, PLN.
  • Each Opportunity is in one of the above currencies.
  • We need 3 fields - purchase, margin, total
  • Reports need to be able to present data in a given currency as needed and so:
    (a) total margin in PLN - for CEO, presentation of target company and each salesman separately
    b) 3 reports (one for each currency) of purchases to determine the amount of currency needed to have
    c) report - turnover in PLN for all Opportunity and turnover in given currencies separately.
    As I wrote, the addition of 2 additional fields of the Currency type makes that always when editing a sales opportunity saved once, all fields are overwritten with the value of the basic value of the “amount” field of the currency type. If in the field Amount I have entered 10.000 EUR, the other fields (margin and purchase) receive this value (10.000 EUR) expressed in the currency selected for the field.

Do you have any ideas how to solve that problem? I will be grateful for any hint / idea.

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