Problem with Bounced email in campaign

Trying to see bounced emails from a campaign. Have verified that sending email account and bounced email account are configured properly. I sucessfully sent out campaign emails and bounced emails are received by the sending email account. However, the bounced email never gets processed so that it appears in the bounced email inbox or in the bounced email sub-panel of the campaign.

I turned on debugging and see the following in suitecrm.log with respect to the bounced email processing job:

17:08:01’,scheduler_id=‘ad6d3fb4-6e83-eaf4-aecf-5f34529b8b36’,exec ute_time=‘2020-08-13 17:08:00’,status=‘done’,resolution=‘success’,message=‘Warning [2]: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /var/www/html/SuiteCRM/
modules/InboundEmail/InboundEmail.php on line 6172\nWarning [2]: imap_append() expects at least 3 parameters, 1 given in /var/www/html/SuiteCRM/include/Imap/ImapHandler.php on line 474\n’,target
=‘function:**:**pollMonitoredInboxesForBouncedCampaign****Emails’,data=NULL,requeue=0,retry_count=NULL,failure_count=NULL,job_delay=0,client=‘CRONb430189909a6334bdf623fdc73b7a31c:13625’,perce nt_complete=NULL
WHERE = ‘45433fc8-7eba-7fcf-e4ba-5f35733f88b9’ AND deleted=0

Running Version 7.11.15

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Solved. Realized that I have to configure my outside email services so that bounced emails get sent directly to the Bounced email account specified in SuiteCRM. SuiteCRM does not get those bounced messages there by any kind of magic.

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