Problem with adding employees (3 same 1st name) and viewing them to assign lead or meeting dropdown fields

Please help! I was able to go in the Admin account and add a new employee. We have 3 named “Fred” all with different last names. I have added nick names after such as Fred (Fred E) etc. for all of them. All of them show up as employees in the Employee area, but when I am trying to add the last “Fred” to an appointment his name does not display in the drop down list at all. The only way I can add him is to add as a contact though I really want to add as an employee since the icon will help delineate for some of our staff. Thank you for your advice I have been struggling with this for weeks.


You must create USERS in admin section. Have you do that ?
Employee module is a little strange.

Yes I created all of them in the with the Admin account. With the Users section.

Thank you I some how create an account for the last person without a username. You really helped me.