Problem view images uploaded using Image field in studio

I’ve been creating a site documentation module, that provides a Panel for adding images of the site. I’ve added several image fields, and these present as Upload fields in the Edit View.

However, once Uploaded and save the images are not displayed.

I discovered that the images are uploaded in /uploads and the Detail view image link is showing the correct id


However, if I try to view the image I get the following error

Error retrieving record. This record may be deleted or you may not be authorized to view it.

The link is trying to use entryPoint=download

What am I missing ?

Hello ricktimmis ,

thank you for reporting this issue and describing the steps you took to debug it.
Could you please let us know which operating system you use and your browser.

Possibly related to this known issue:

… except that that is only supposed to be problematic in listviews and subpanels, not in detail views as in your case.

Also, images are currently not showing in Edge browser (and, I hear, in IE11).

I’m not sure this information helps, but you might want to investigate.

As pgr mentioned this might be the same issue as #1306. We are currently working on this issue to fix it.