problem - relations between fields of Contact and Custom modules are deleted automatically

Hi there,
The problem on production verison comes from nowhere.

I have unexpected problem with “auto-deleting” relations status between fields in Contacts and Custom modules.
!!! The term “relations” just means value 1 for the “deleted” field in the middle table for Contacts and Custom module.

I have the Custom module with relation One-to-One to Contact.
The relationship creaded with Studio.
One-to-One because one Custom module record should be associated witn only one record in Contacts.

The problem is deleting relations status in the middle table for all other records. It means the Deleted field changed unexpectedly from “0” to “1”.

Exlpanation step by step:

  1. User create new or edit any custom module present record
  2. Select the contact A from Contacts.
  3. Chossen contact A will disappear from in custom module list view for all records related to A except last edited
  4. In the DB in the middle table for Contacts and Custom module the field Deleted updated to “1” for all records with Custom module record ID and ID for the contact record A
  5. Only last edited record in Custom module has the contact A.

Simply say after changing contact in custom module all other records (for custom module) with the same contact lost relation to this contact.

I didn’t change logic hooks or code.
All workflows are deactivated.

No idea why it happens and what logic and code lead to deleting relationships
I can just back relations with updating “Deleted” fields to “0” for the middle table.

Logs show me some about this issue but no idea why it happens:
suitecrm_3.log:Tue Apr 2 14:18:15 2019 [5515][1][INFO] Query:UPDATE racf1_consultation_form1_contacts_1_c set deleted=1 , date_modified = ‘2019-04-02 14:18:14’ WHERE racf1_consultation_form1_contacts_1racf1_consultation_form1_ida = ‘a268b27a-48a0-a966-8699-5c6d60e3ccee’ AND racf1_consultation_form1_contacts_1c

Meet anyone the problem descibed or something like that?
Can anyone help with or suppose what it could be?

I’ll try to repeat the problem with test version.

Many thanks in advance.

What is your version of SuiteCRM?

Hi “pgr”.
Sorry for the later answer.
My version is:
Version 7.10.4
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

Can you try upgrading to 7.10.15 or 7.11.3, on a test system? I believe this can be fixed already, there were hundreds of fixes since your version…

Hi, pgr. I can try create exactly copy of prod system and upgrade it.
It will take some time. I’ll report.
Will upgrade keep working my custom module, relations and customization in ./custom directory?

Any way I want to understand how I can find out a reason. Because logs just showed me the events but no information what process did it.

PS: I always care about fresh and unknown bugs in a new version after fixing bugs system has (and I know how it doesn’t work :slight_smile: )
I met it with upgrade from 7.1.x to 7.4.x :slight_smile:

BTW about description issue.
Here is the page about installation and upgrade
In the tab LATEST LTS VERSION you have 2nd block description:
SuiteCRM 7.8.28 LTS

SuiteCRM 7.8.28 LTS
Pure SuiteCRM. Nothing hidden. Everything to play with.

SuiteCRM-7.10.12 <<<------- !!! the wrong version but the link is ok (
Size : 43.71 mb Format : ZIP

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks, we fixed that now.

hi pgr,

I met the same problem. and the version is

could u please send me the solution?


I am running into a similar issue, when having a workflow send repeated emails on note save, it removed the note->case relationship