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Problem In Studio Trying To Edit A Module

I have a fresh install of SuiteCRM 8.0.0-beta.3. and am having issues in editing modules in Studio. I can click on the Labels, Relationships, Layouts and Subpanela icons on any module and am presented with the screen to be able to edit the edit them.

But when I click on Fields icon (or Fields in the tree on the left) I get a brief error that says “Failed To Retrieve Data”. Then all the icons become unresponsive until I navigate out of the module.

I am brand new to SuiteCRM and would greatly appreciate any help someone is willing to give me on how to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

Are you still having these issues?

A newer version of Suite8, the Suite8 RC, is available

Do you notice these issues if you upgrade to this?

If you are still having these issues, it seems there is a similar thread on this:

It may be worth adding your thoughts/experiences/environment/steps to replicate to this thread, to give more context on what the issue may be.