problem in reports

Hello guys, i have a problem, im setting a report condition to show me records from “today”, the reports is generated, but also shows records from yesterday, not all records, only shows me the records created after 7:00 pm , i tried changing the labor hours, but the report keep showing me the same information.

Any idea?

In your logged in User, check what time zone is set for you. SuiteCRM stores all dates in UTC.

i´m logged as admin, my time zone is set for: America - Guayaquil (i´m in Quito), every module works perfectly, even if a i made a dashlet and i choose “today” as i filter, it shows me the records in the right way, the problem is only in reports, where it shows me the records that were created between yesterday at 7:00 pm an today also at 7:00 pm.

I thought it was a configuration related with bussiness hours, and i changed them, but it keeps reporting me the same.

Thanks, for the comment!

if you find something, let me know.