Problem in migrating suitecrm installation

I am trying to migrate 7.10.29 to another server or into another folder for the purpose of upgrading to 7.12.8
On the same server (but I also tried on virtual machines)

  1. I create a new directory, then I download the correct installation package (7.10.29), unzip it into the new dir
  2. Copied custom dir and upload dir from the old to the new one.
  3. create a new database and the permission for the suitecrmadmin, then launched install.php setting all the proper user/password/db etc,
  4. install proceeds to the end, everything is ok, now I have a fresh install of 7.10.29. Then I import the old database into the new one.
  5. I try a quick repair and rebuild and here we have th problems.
    If I do the quick repair and rebuild, I obtain “Differences found between database and vardefs”. If I launch the script, with the button or in a mysql shell (with suitecrmadmin or root), nothing apparently happens. No errors, no output. When i relaunch the quick update and repair, exactly the same sql instructions appears, infinitely. So nothing is repaired.

Some help?


Which version of DB are you using?

I tried both mariadb and mysql. At present I am using mysql 8.0.31

It’s correct for your version of SuiteCRM. Maybe it’s problem with migrate process. I use a different way to clone a SuiteCRM site.

  1. Create a zip archive of the SuiteCRM directory.
  2. Create a database dump.
  3. Create a new database and unpack the dump there.
  4. Unpack the archive into a new directory SuiteCRM and change the database settings in the file config.php.

This Is exactly what I did this morning.
Same result.


Problem with sql database version. It’s not critical. SuiteCRM will work. I saw the message in one of my installations too. Look at the post, I hope it helps you.

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Very interesting.
The only message I don’t understand Is the last One of the post you sent.

And strange because I am perfectly inside the compatibility Matrix.

Thank you

Also, upgrading to 7.12.8 problem still remains.
Then, keeping 7.4 as php, upgrade to 7.13.0 removes the problem and tables are synchronized with vardefs.

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