Problem in Meetings module after upgrade to 7.9.14

After upgrade to suitecrm 7.9.14 from 7.9.11, i have an issue with Meetings : if i edit a meeting i do not see the usual lower part for inviting/searching contacts to invite to the meeting. i have then done changes to edit/view layouts in studio then when i did a repair i got the following message

Differences found between database and vardefs

The following script will sync the database structure with the structure defined in the vardefs. You have the option of exporting this script and then running it against your database using external database management tools, or to allow the administration module to run the script.

NOTE: any changes you make to the script in the textbox will be reflected in the exported or executed code.

  • Table : meetings_users /
    /MISSING IN DATABASE - meeting_id - ROW/
    /MISSING IN DATABASE - user_id - ROW/
    /MISSING IN DATABASE - required - ROW/
    /MISSING IN DATABASE - accept_status - ROW/
    /MISSING IN DATABASE - date_modified - ROW/
    /MISSING IN DATABASE - deleted - ROW/
    INDEXES */
    /*MISSING INDEX IN DATABASE - idx_usr_mtg_mtg -index ROW */
    /*MISSING INDEX IN DATABASE - idx_usr_mtg_usr -index ROW */
    /*MISSING INDEX IN DATABASE - idx_meeting_users -index ROW */
    ALTER TABLE meetings_users add COLUMN id varchar(36) NOT NULL , add COLUMN meeting_id varchar(36) NULL , add COLUMN user_id varchar(36) NULL , add COLUMN required varchar(1) DEFAULT ‘1’ NULL , add COLUMN accept_status varchar(25) DEFAULT ‘none’ NULL , add COLUMN date_modified datetime NULL , add COLUMN deleted bool DEFAULT ‘0’ NULL , ADD INDEX idx_usr_mtg_mtg (meeting_id), ADD INDEX idx_usr_mtg_usr (user_id), ADD INDEX idx_meeting_users (meeting_id,user_id);

============ I DID NOT execute this script as i wanted to check the database first,
in phpmyadmin and clicked on the table “meetings_users”, i get a message “table does not exist”!

what is even stranger : i just left things as that and restarted the server, checked again the database and the table was there! i reran repair and this time repair went OK – however my original problem (NOT being able to invite users/contacts in edit mode in a Meeting ) was not solved!

please help. thanks!

Does it still complain about “Differences found between database and vardefs” when you do a Quick Repair?

You can also try other Repairs, the javascript stuff. might help with the broken screen.