Problem in Invoice- total value bcom zero if i click on shipping tax in SuiteCRM 7.7

Problem in Invoice total value become zero if i click on shipping tax. How to resolve this

image has been attached. how to fix it i m using suiteCRM 7.7.1

This is a bug that has been fixed in the most recent versions. Upgrading should fix this

I am currently using SuiteCRM 7.7.1 . How to upgrade as i m new in suiteCRM as already i have my credential in it.
Can u explain all in details.

Also can u explain how to set up cron tab as scheduler not working as workflow never wait . I have to configure in Cpanel or Inside SuiteCRM file ie Cron.php??

#thank you

For upgrading I suggest taking a copy or your current instance and doing a test upgrade first to ensure nothing gets corrupted before doing it on your live.
You can actually upgrade your instance by going to the download page at the top of > download the upgrade package ‘7.7.x to 7.7.4’. Then go into your admin panel on your instance > select upgrade wizard and follow the steps.

For cron set up follow the instructions at the bottom of the scheduler module. It is the cron tab within your system not Suite :slight_smile:

Hi Cameron,

For cron set up I did the same but its not working. I selected copied the given things at the bottom of the scheduler module (ie * * * * * cd/home…) and pasted in command option in my cpanel where i had created new cron job.

its not working please explain it in details it will be greatfull.

Are you on windows? or Ubuntu etc?

red hat

Open up your terminal >enter ‘sudo crontab -e -u (Apache user)’ > paste in the code > then save

Cameron, I mean i m using window but server hosted red hat/ubuntu

Could this maybe help?


Its not working,
I set this in my cpanel to check for daily reminder but not working
0 0 * * * cd /home2/itbrothers/public_html/itbrothers/itcrm/new; php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1

Cameron now i using latest version 7.7.4 still this bug not fixed. what is this ???
Too many issue which i facing from last 2months as trying everyday but SuiteCRM alway brings bugs or some different isssue in front of my eyes.
Totally pissed off and frustrated from this SuiteCRM even using latest version but same issue same problem there. Nothing has changed
Another big issue is in controller of modules/AOW worflow/controller. As workflow not triggering to send mail.

#Need help

SuiteCRM 7.7.4 still there is bugs in invoice if i type one place of field and when i move to other field then previous data field got deleted .

Have a look image has been attached .

#New version also have many issue. Totally in depression now, dont know how salesagility people build this as many bugs are there.


I couldn’t replicate it on my install of 7.7.4. Have you done a quick repair and rebuild and a repair of the JS files after the upgrade?
In regards to the image you have attached you have not selected the product, you have stated the quantity and named the group but not actually selected your product. Could that maybe contribute to the issue?

As I’ve stated before on your posts could you please post all bugs you believe as valid on GitHub this will make sure they are fixed for future releases. If they are not posted on that the develop team will not be able to fix them as they will remain unaware of your issues.

With every release we try and fix as many bugs as we can this will not fix ALL bugs in the CRM. Staying up to date with the versions (7.7.5 currently) will help eliminate issues

Now I installed suiteCRM 7.7.4 in my localhost but same issue … already done repair and all but same issue nothing change.
I already gave dummy data like any number in that “Product field” and when i switch to “Part Number” then previous Product field got blank.

Just download suitecrm 7.7.4 and check in ur localhost, hardly it will take 5min to set up . just check it …issues are not fixed

did you select a product from the select button??

Can you attach a full screen shot of what you are seeing and a screen shot of the products modules where you are selecting your product?

the product field is for the name of the product made in the product module not the price of the module. the reason it is going blank it is not a valid product name.

Also When i filled data in Total , Discount, Subtotal, Shipping fields its accepting the input value but when i move on to Shipping Tax filed then all previous field data bcom value zero.

#have a look image has been attached