Problem importing data - 500 error


I have installed suiteCRM on an Azure Website and have gotten it to work (or at least it seems to). Its connecting to an Azure sql server and I can navigate around, and add records with no problem. Everything appears to be working… except import. Actually, import might work, but I am trying to download the import template file and I receive a 500 error. I have done some debugging and added some logging to errors.log file. In so, I found that when it loops through the different entities, it fails on Accounts because when it calls a few of the functions $module is empty instead of account. Here is a copy of what I see in my log file after modifying it to show more:

[01-Nov-2015 10:38:57 America/Los_Angeles] module=Cases
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:57 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Cases/Casevardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:57 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Contacts
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:58 America/Los_Angeles] module=Contacts
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:58 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Contacts/Contactvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:58 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Leads
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:58 America/Los_Angeles] module=Leads
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:58 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Leads/Leadvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:58 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Meetings
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:58 America/Los_Angeles] module=Meetings
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:58 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Meetings/Meetingvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:58 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Opportunities
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:58 America/Los_Angeles] module=Opportunities
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:58 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Opportunities/Opportunityvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:59 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Project
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:59 America/Los_Angeles] module=Project
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:59 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Project/Projectvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:59 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Prospects
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:59 America/Los_Angeles] module=Prospects
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:59 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Prospects/Prospectvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:59 America/Los_Angeles] module=
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:59 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules//Accountvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 10:38:59 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Fatal error: sugar_file_put_contents_atomic() : fatal rename failure ‘D:\home\site\wwwroot\SuiteCRM-7.4\cache\modules\tem1E6D.tmp’ -> ‘cache/modules//Accountvardefs.php’ in D:\home\site\wwwroot\SuiteCRM-7.4\include\utils\sugar_file_utils.php on line 194

Does anyone have a recommendation as to what is going on? Is this a known bug?? I have found that it doesnt matter what entity I want to download the template for, I guess they all have reference to Account and therefore fail.

Thanks for all your help!