Printing Subpanels


We have a client that needs to be able to print off the information within their subpanels (i.e. Leads as an example). Is this turned off by default OR is there something that you have to implement for being able to print that information? Because if you print from an browser you only see the basic information that is going to print - the subpanel information is excluded.

We’re using Version 7.10.7.

Thanks for the help.

I would say that for printing you’re probably better off working from the Reports module, not from subpanels.


Reporting could work but that report would be huge because they have a lot of information and subpanels etc. All they really want is to print a copy of the detail page that which includes the subpanels just for their reference. Is there a way to include the subpanels for printing as well? I’ve tried CSS to display them but they don’t show up.


In Reports you can use conditions to make listings just for what you want. They’re really the best option for printing.

If you really must print from the Detail view, try your browser’s printing options. but it’s likely not going to be sufficiently flexible.

If necessary, you can build your own reports with a custom entry point and tailor everything to your liking. You just need some PHP that makes SL queries and dumps some nice-looking HTML.

(I’ll be away on vacations for a week so I won’t be answering you for a while)