Printing in SuiteCRM

Hi !

How do I go about printing in SuiteCRM ?
I create and Invoice and then I have no idea about how to print it.

I see all the topics are about problems related to printing and seem to be advanced users but not for beginners.
Most of them are sugar CRM uers and so know what they are doing.

I see PDF templates and not sure what to do with it. They talk about print to PDF but I am not able to find it .

Can some one point me to correct resource please ?




In the PDF template module (this can be found under the ‘All’ menu by default) create a PDF template for the invoice module. You can add your desired fields and layout to best suit your business. One you have made your template simply name it and save it.

Then go into the invoices module, click on your desired invoice you would like to download/print and click ‘Print to PDF’ at the top of the screen. This will download a copy for you, where you can then print as you wish.

If you have would like multiple variations of invoice templates for different situations or customers, simply add more ‘Invoice’ templates and when you click ‘Print to PDF’ you can select the best template for your needs

Steps to Reproduce

Open tasks list
CTRL+P to print (or press the print view button if there)
Check the print preview to see the problem4.

i want to change that printer view can anyone help me that where i have to putt css code to customimize that printer view