Print this Page in Suite7 prints top navigation bar in code format-V7.7.5

“Print this Page” button prints the top navigation bar in code format in Suite7 of SuiteCRM V7.7.5 (see attached screenprint). It works well in SuiteR.

Is there any fix for this?

try to copy the print.css located in themes/SuiteR/css/ to themes/Suite7/css/ please make a backup before

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Hi, thanks for responding. Tried your suggestion, but it’s still the same since print.css in both Suite7 and SuiteR are exactly the same.

Best Rgds

oh, I remember I had this case before but can’t remember how I solved, the hint would be to take a look at the difference in the code in theems/Suite7/tpls/footer.tpl and theems/SuiteR/tpls/footer.tpl you can see that the print button is called differently in both codes

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