Previous/Next Not working in Calendar

When in the calendar, whether you are in the day, week, month or year view the “previous” or “next” buttons at the top and/or bottom of the page seem to only refresh the page.

This behavior is the same in the dashlet view as well. Side note in the dashlet view the calendar seems to break as well.

with Developer tools found NO obvious issues. tried this on two different installs on two different servers and the result of selecting the buttons is the same.

link to video with the above described behavior…

This has been raised as a bug here:

I am having the same issue. Any idea on what we need to do to correct and when? Our entire sales force only uses the CRM calendar, so this is a real problem for us. Appreciate any help.

If you haven’t installed the 7.2.1 patch, then do so as this should fix the problem.

If this does not work for some reason, you can go into the file referenced in the github fix

all you have to do is go to the file located in modules/Calendar/Calendar.php and change a line of code from…

if(empty($date_arr) || !isset($date_arr[‘year’]) || !isset($date_arr[‘month’]) || !isset($date_arr[‘day’]) || !isset($date_arr[‘mobile’])){


if(empty($date_arr) || !isset($date_arr[‘year’]) || !isset($date_arr[‘month’]) || !isset($date_arr[‘day’])){

  • save the file
  • do a quick repair/rebuild
  • clear your browser cache

that’s it, it should work for you.

Hope this helps

Thanks, the patch worked perfectly.