Prevent Emails module from displaying images (for security purposes / avoiding tracking)

I didn’t find any info on this elsewhere, so decided to ask here directly.

When viewing received emails in SuiteCRM, it displays all embedded and external images, which may be user privacy issue. Additionally, this probably generates extra “hits” (reads) for the emails sent from the CRM when viewing replies to those emails.

Is there a way to disable this?

Most of the email clients I’ve used so far have this as a settings which is enabled by default. So I’d hope there’s a setting somewhere for SuiteCRM :slight_smile:

I was about to ask this again but then found my old question here :slight_smile:

Can anyone suggest if there is a built-in way to disable the download of “remote content”? (images, tracking pixels, etc.)

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Attachments are saved as notes in CRM so we can apply a user role to not let users download attachments unless the user is assigned to that record.

  1. Create a User Role
  2. Set Notes module view permissions as “Owner” instead of ‘Not Set’
  3. Assign user to that new Role
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This sounds like a workaround, and I think it will make it impossible for other users to see Notes associated with the record.

The raised issue here concerns privacy/security of a CRM user, and it should be addressed accordingly.