Hi all,

A question about prepositions.

Especially Dutch and African names can have prepositions. Example, Eddy (Edward) Vanhalen is a gitarist originally from The Netherlands. In The Netherlands his name is Eddy van Halen; ‘van’ is the preposition. 't, van, van het, de, der, van der, are also, to name a few.

The field fullname consists of first- and surname. I added a field ‘preposition’ and it works fine, except in fulname, Is there a way to add an option to the ‘Dr. Livingstone’ list? And if so, is it supported?

Users tend to add the preposition in the surname-field. Now all surnames with a preposition are concentrated in either ‘v’ and ‘d’, ‘van’ and ‘de’.
A (not so) wild guess is that a third! of all Dutch surnames have a preposition

I guess that there is a php page somewhere which concatenates the names to a fullname and maybe I can port that, but I wouldn’t go that way if that is not necessary,

What is the best way to go from here?

Thanks in advance,

Eef vreeland

suiteCRM 7.7.9
Ubuntu 16.04.1