Prefix for the last name

Hi, I am trying to format the LBL_NAME to have a prefix for the last names, Jaap van Zeilen. So when you use the NAME field it is composed out of [FIRST_NAME] [PREFIX] [LAST_NAME] , in that way with the list overview you see the proper first and lastname.

Partly I manage to fix it by using the [TITLE] field as a prefix field, [NAME] > [FIRST_NAME] [TITLE] [LAST_NAME]. It worlkes when I use US language… But in Dutch I am not getting the title field displayed in localization…

Anyone a solution to this problem?


It depends if it’s just to show it in listview then I would consider overriding the get_list_view_data() as per this video

Hope this helps!

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thank you @robert_sinclair , I managed to do that. The problem is more in the page header and while using the [NAME] field in popups and other views