Pre-Populating Fields Within Cases

Hello all! I have a quick question that will hopefully be a quick answer.

We are utilizing the ticketing system within SuiteCRM. We have an outside form that links up with inbound emailing within the CRM. When a user submits a case, it populates that information within the description and subject of the ticket. We also currently have it set up so that if the user who submitted the ticket isn’t in the system as a contact, a contact will automatically be generated. My question is this - I added a field within the internal case that allows a relation between Contact and the Case, however, is there a way to pre-populate this information rather than do a search for that contact to add them to the case?

In short, when “John Smith” submits a case, I am looking to have “John Smith” linked to the contact entry within the case contact relation field without having to manually search for his name through the relation field.

Thanks in advance! Hopefully I can lay this one to bed.

With how you have it setup now when the Case is created is the Contact in the Subpanel for Contacts already? If so you could do a logic hook to grab that contact and populate the field. Of course there could possibly be multiple Contacts on a Case but if at the time it is submitted there is only one then perhaps this would work.

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The way I have it set up now is a relate field with Contacts within the Case form on edit and detail view. There can only be one contact per case at the moment, and I don’t see this changing in the future. What is a logic hook? A quick Google search came up with it being specific to the CRM… Thanks in advance!

A logic hook is a way to perform tasks and business logic in code. What you want to do may be relatively straight forward. There just has to be a way to link the Case to the Contact. How are you checking if the Contact exists and creating one if it doesn’t exist?

As of right now, once someone fills out our external form, we have a search through the DB to see if the email address exists. If it does within the contact table for SuiteCRM, I leave it alone. If it doesn’t exist, it pushes the fields within our external form to the DB for contacts. So basically what I am looking to do is have the contact information pushed to the case automatically instead of manually searching and entering a contact once the ticket has been created.