PowerReplacer now works with PDF Templates also

My work on the PowerReplacer SuiteCRM add-on has been evolving and this weekend I was able to get the powerful Twig templates working also with the Print to PDF option available in each module.

This greatly enhances the possibilities of that option:

  • access all fields and related records, use conditions, make calculations, etc.
  • more control over formatting, using CSS from a separate file
  • extensibility: add code to fetch more data into the PDF
  • … and all the other options listed on the add-on page linked above

Another possibility I’m working on now, which I am sure many of you will find very practical:

When starting from an Email Templates, either a single email in Compose window, or a Campaign with many emails, you can reference one or more PDF templates, to get them automatically attached to the email. This way the attachments become fully dynamic:

  • attach conditionally, based on any data in the context record
  • attach as many files as needed
  • attached files can be static
  • attached files can be created dynamically from a second template (a PDF template)

I know this is a real time saver for so many of you out there… no more manually creating documents, then slowly attaching them one by one, making mistakes along the way… now the Campaign can do it all by itself automatically. And your content is going to look a LOT more professional than before :wink:

Well done @pgr.

This is a great addition.

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Nice @pgr this sounds great!

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