Possible to roll-back to 7.0.2?

Cannot get 7.1.2 or 7.1.3 to work at all. Too many bugs. Is there a way to roll BACK to 7.0.2 from 7.1? Or is this going to be a learning experience with our 5000+ contacts and free software?

Hi there,

Using the forum, you will be able to resolve many of your bugs. Have you searched the forums for your issues and resolutions to them? What is your setup? Can you detail server/MySQL/PHP versions? What errors are you getting?



Debian 7 / 32bit, SuiteCRM 7.1.3, PHP 5.4.4-14, Apache2 2.2.22-13.

I add a new user to the CRM. Then login as newuser and I get the CRM startpage with no Desktop Dashlets. When I go to Add Dashlets, there are no options for them.

Also, the Wizard ALWAYS runs when the new users login. Unless I edit their account as Admin and uncheck the Wizard.

Ran a Quick Repair as Admin. Went through all the repair options that apply to my install.

Reset all perms and ownership in the crm directory…

Tried IE10, IE11, Chrome, FireFox and PaleMoon. Cleared all caches and re-logged in.

Homepage is still empty except for the menu bar across the top. No dashlets.

update: Tried on my test/clone server and the new users work. I copied the entire www directory and the mysql data to the clone server and it works for newly added users just fine. All of the core files for Apache and MySQL are the same between both installs. Both installs are up-to-date.

What would cause no home page for the new user?

There are more issues, but they will be taken up with the people we hired to work on this.

Hi there,

Does the home screen appear after refreshing the page(Ctrl+F5)? If so, I will provide the fix required.



Refreshing the home page is still blank…

Ok… SuiteCRM > 7.0.2 needs CURL and PHP5-CURL to function properly. These were NOT installed on our live system but were on the test system.

Installing these packages got the home page working properly for new users now.