Possible to have a complete e-mail history for a contact?


at the moment the contact history seems to record only mails sent from within SuiteCRM. Neither does it archive received mails, nor does it get mails sent from elsewhere.
Is it somehow possible to automatically collect all those mentioned e-mails into the contact history?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Your SuiteCRM version, please?

Sorry, I forgot: It’s Version 7.9.7

When in the Emails module, are you using the “Import email” button when receiving Emails you want to connect in the SuiteCRM database? Do these Emails appear in Activities history or not?


Thanks for your reply.

No, manually importing an e-mail creates nothing in activities history, neither in mine nor in the related contact’s one. Actually, the activities history is completely empty, not even those e-mails show up that I sent from within SuiteCRM.

However, the manual import does create an e-mail entry in the associated contact’s history, which shows status “archived”, has no subject and cannot be opened for viewing. That’s all.

Normally emails would be associated with the target record and show up in activities.

Could you please open an Issue on Github with this? If it’s happening on other systems, not just yours, it’s a serious bug, so it is important to get the developers attention.




before writing a bug report, I upgraded to 7.9.9, just to see if it fixes something.
Sent e-mails now show up in the history of the target contact, but not in my activities.
Manually imported e-mails now appear in the related contact’s history and in my activities. And they get marked with a tick in the inbox.
So far, so good.
But is it possible to automate the import?


So, if it was a bug, it is fixed now. I think the behaviour you describe now, is how it is supposed to work.

i don’t know how to automate the import. I know that this system still feels awkward for some users, and there’s still need for improvements, but I’m not sure exactly what is planned or being worked on.

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