Possibility to make qoutes under leads

I am wondering how I can make it possible for our users, to make quotes under “Leads”
In our system/world - we make a lot of qoutes to leads - as standard, we are not able to do so in SuiteCRM

Anyone with an advise how to do so?

You would need to go to Admin >> Studio >> Leads and add a relationship between the Leads module and the Quotes module. This will add a Quotes subpanel under each of your lead details view and linking quotes to that specific lead.


and thank you very much for taken the time to reply, but that part I was aware of, The problem is when you need to type in “quote” details (account or contact person) so i will autoamtically fill out all informations, I am missing the “leads” field

Doing as you suggest, is not enough

What information are you needing automatically filled out?

as you can see from attached, there are:


when accounts or contacts is filled out, the address is populated, but, nothing happens when choosing a “Lead” (as you can see from the screenshot)

Out of the box, it looks like the address information gets auto populated only when an account is selected. At least with the beta of 7.3. So it looks like you have two options.

  1. Associate each lead with an account and select that account to have it’s address auto populated.

  2. Write some custom code to get the address information from the lead and populate the address fields. The best way to do this is probably going to be with javascript and ajax.