Position of action button in the page

Hi everybody,
I have a question for SuiteCRM8.

In quote (or other views), I have an action button to allow to modify, etc…

When I scroll down in the page, the button is out of the screen and I always have to scroll back up to save the work.
Of course, there is a “back to top” at the bottom of the page but as my quote are in a very “long” page, i would like to have the button “fixed” at the top of the page.

If I add for nav button something like “position:fixed”, it does not work.

Is there a solution to keep the button visible if I scroll down in a page (for now, only top menu is “fixed”).

In fact, I would like to have the exact same behavior for the top button as I see when I modify an account.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Is there somebody with knowledge on this and able to answer ?
Thanks :slight_smile:

You could submit a pull request on github to modify the theme .css to style the buttons so they won’t scroll off the screen.

Could you please share screenshot of button?

I guess, if you modify code and keep under ~/custom folder at correct location, it should work.

Hi rsp,
Check this :

Open a contact in SuiteCMR8. Scroll down. The button bar with “Modify - Insights - Action” is stick at the top of the page during scroll.

Now, do the same with an account, a quote, or anything else : the button are scrolling with the page and are not sticky. There, you always have to scroll up and up and up to the button and then save when you edit.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: