Portal Options vs VTiger

I’m currently using VTiger and really like the SuiteCRM improvements but the Portal falls short when compared with the free one available for VTiger which includes projects, tasks, invoices, docs as well as support centre. Will there be a portal with more features in the future and is it possible to use the VTiger one?


You should check the version 3 (beta) under development at
salesagility/SuiteCRM-Portal-Joomla at 3beta - https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM-Portal-Joomla/tree/3beta
(it will include KnowledgeBase too)

Not that it would be a tool to compete with the one you was referring, but it can be evolved by you too.

It doesn’t match up to the VTiger Portal at the moment and wouldn’t want to install Joomla just for the portal