Portal Doesnt work


Just installed the Joomla 3 portal, and when i go to the component for the first time and add my suitecrm url, username and password, I get this error:

Warning: Declaration of AdvancedOpenPortalController::display($cachable = false) should be compatible with JControllerLegacy::display($cachable = false, $urlparams = Array) in /home/inspirm/public_html/dev/joomla-t3/administrator/components/com_advancedopenportal/controller.php on line 0

That seems to be solved in the latest version of the code, it says this:

public function display($cachable = false,$url_params = false){

(see https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM-Portal-Joomla/blob/master/site/controller.php)

Update to the newest version, or just add
,$url_params = false

to your method definition

This is a common issue that has to do with the fact that some PHPs (namely the ones on Windows, XAMPP, etc.) are stricter than others with some language issues.