Portal Customization

Any instructions when using Portal on how to assign a set of Documents to every account to be completed on first login. Can this be assigned to a Suite Group and connected to all new accounts?

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Sorry, you have too many things going on in those short two lines :smile: you need to break it down for us…

What do you use the portal for? What specific action triggers this process to “assign a set of Documents”?

Ok. Contacts sign up for an account that they login to via Portal. They can submit deals into the system for quotation. What we need is that once the Contact is logins for the first time that a notice or a requirement is for them to download New Agent Documents to execute and upload back into their account.

Any idea how to turn these notifications on inside of customer portal?

I’m sorry, I don’t even recognize that screen. Is that really SuiteCRM? Which version? Or is it some add-on?

If that’s in a Portal, which portal software are you using?

The developer used:

CRMJetty - SuiteCRM Customer Portal in WordPress

Ok, then I guess you need to ask the makers of that software… you’re asking about functionality that isn’t really handled by SuiteCRM, unless I am mistaken.

It appears to be SuiteCRM as it is the same in the user manual.

That’s the portal, I think you need to ask here


Select the Support tab.

Thank you. I will try that.

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I am now having issues with Password Reset in Portal. After reset is done and login is attempted the request for email verification now comes up with no way to verify. Please help.